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Lykoi - the werewolf cat

Have you seen it? A cat that looks like it came from a horror movie. Lykoi is a new cat breed resembling a werewolf. Under the scary mask, however, hides an intelligent friendly cat with the nature of a dog.

Dog stars of Czech Instagram

They have four legs, a furry coat and they can't talk, but they have tens of thousands of fans. I'm talking about dogs that have become stars of Czech Instagram thanks to their owners. Let's take a look at the most interesting ones.  

Are barking robots the future of pets?

The trend of pets has been a matter of the past 150 years. But what will the next 150 years look like? With the evolution of our society and its values, circuses and zoos are on the radar, and the number of people who do not eat meat, and even vegans,...