New trends in cat care

The fashion industry is not the only thing that is rapidly evolving and changing. There are ever changing trends even in the world of cat care. What are the new trends?

Just as trends in the world of people change, such as dressing, design and eating trends, trends in cat care are also changing. What's in right now?


Technology is driving everything around us, so it's no wonder that this is also true for the cat world. More and more smart gadgets and applications are entering the market. One of the best ones is the Shru toy, an intelligent cat companion with multiple game modes, or the Kittyo mobile app that lets you watch your cat when you're away, talk to her, play with her, and give her treats remotely. It's also worth mentioning the intelligent Catfi feeder, which monitors and controls your cat's daily food and water supply using a cat face sensor, scale and other technological parameters. You may also be interested in a snapchat filter that can recognize your pet's face.

Alternative treatment

As with technology, it is evident that alternative treatment trends are also based on the human world. Just as people have been trying to find alternatives to classical medicine lately, they are beginning to use aromatherapy (with caution, most essential oils are dangerous for cats), reflexology and naturopathy to address the maladies of their cats. You can indulge your cat with a massage or acupuncture, although I don't know how you see it, but I can't really imagine the cat cooperating and staying still.

Healthy diet

Even a cat's diet is subject to the healthy diet trend. People are becoming more careful what they serve their small pets, paying particular attention to the quality of ingredients and easy digestibility, or choosing a way of natural eating, i.e. BARF.

Design and natural materials

Even the design of cats' households is changing. Plush beds and scratchers are replaced with wooden trees and walls, and other natural materials are also used. Not only do such pieces perfectly complement the apartment's furniture, they wouldn't even offend the eye of an aesthete. This change will certainly be welcomed by cats and their wild part that likes to sink its claws into wood or just lie on it and soak in the smells of nature. The overall emphasis in cat furniture is on design so that the piece fits in with the apartment and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. Bright colors are replaced by more neutral colors, and the curves and texture of the material are also taken into account.

What do you think about the new trends in cat care? Have you noticed any other cat trends that are now emerging?


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