How to Entertain a Dog in Quarantine

When we have to spend most of our time at home, we as well as are pets may be easily bored. How can you avoid stereotype and use free time effectively by working with your companion? How can you tire your dog even without long walks outside?

Quarantine makes us stay home. It may be difficult mainly for dogs in flats as they don’t have enough movement and fun. So, let’s try to look at the situation positively and spend the time we have with our dog to teach it some new commands and tricks, practice obedience or do any other activities. Basically anything you haven’t had time for so far. There are no excuses now!

A dog needs to be entertained no matter if it can or cannot go outside. A great way to do that without larger space are various brain teasers. It’s also nice that children (if you have some) can prepare and play the game and it entertains two birds with one stone. :) 

To prepare brain teasers, common objects you have at home are enough. Don’t throw away egg plates, toilet paper rolls or newspapers and leaflets. You can use all of these. The principle of a brain teaser is about looking for treats that you hide in a box with smashed up paper, in a towel, under balls in an egg plate or you can play a dog version of the shell game. There are many options, the only boundaries are your imagination and dog’s skills. 

Another option to entertain and tire both two and four-legged family members is an obstacle course. You can create an improvized obstacle course (depending on kid’s age and dog’s skills) and they can race. They can crawl under a table, do slalom between chairs, jump over obstacles and similar things. 

Hide and seek might also be fun. However, only the option when a kid (or an adult) hides and a dog seeks usually works. But if a dog can stay calm and noises of wagging its tail won’t be heard, it can be played even the other way round.

You can also start with some sports at home. Besides obedience, dog dancing or nosework, you can also try balancing exercises which may serve well to keep the dog fit. 

How are you dealing with quarantine? Do you make up for the time you usually spend with your dog outside? And what about your dogs, are they okay with less exercise or are they bored to tears? Share some tips how you manage to entertain and tire your dog with us. 

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