Celebrities and their dogs

Dog is a man's best friend. And it's not only regular people who need a best friend but also celebrities. One of the most "famous" dogs of today is Mr. Amazing - Paris Hilton's Pomeranian. What are the dogs of other celebrities like? Johnny Depp's dog or Mark Zuckerberg's?

"People come and go, but dogs stay forever," Paris Hilton once pronounced about her dog companions, of which she has almost thirty. A similar connection experienced also Charles de Gaulle, who is one of the several personalities who uttered: "The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs." It is their loyalty that connects us with these four-legged furry creatures. This everlasting and unconditional love. 

Many famous politicians were dog lovers, such as the uncompromising "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher who had several cats and two dogs by her side - a Kerry Blue Terrier and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Also her predecessor as Prime Minister, who served during the Second World War, Winston Churchill was a dog lover and owned, quite surprisingly, a Miniature Poodle called Rufus. 

Prior to becoming the Czechoslovakian and later Czech president, Václav Havel owned a female Schnauzer called Ďula, who was apparently very protective of her pack. Helena Vondráčková is one of Czech celebrities for whom dogs are a passion and who has a weakness for German Shepherds. She has apparently a very well trained female dog called Elsa.

Unlike Madonna, who, just like Paris Hilton, prefers smaller breeds (Madonna used to own Chihuahuas), Paul McCartney from the Beatles was one of the famous musicians who loves large dogs. Paul had a female Old English Sheepdog called Martha who was his devoted companion and has even got her own song "Martha My Dear".

A Chow Chow, which is originally from China, can be linked to for example Walt Disney and the dog inspired him with the cartoon "Lady and Tramp". Another name from the film industry is Charlie Chaplin and his four-legged film colleague Mutt, who accompanied the film star in one of his early masterpieces A Dog's Life. The famous quote "Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in long-shot" comes from that film. Even though the dog ended up in Hollywood by chance, he quickly clung to Chaplin who later adopted him. 

On the other hand, the current film star Johnny Depp is a proud owner of two Yorkshire Terriers, who are allowed to travel with him in his jet. Some travel by jet, others have more than a million fans on Facebook. One such example was Mark Zuckerberg Komondor Beasta. Maybe it was this experience that inspired Mark to set up Petbook, the social media platform we wrote about not so long ago.

There are many other famous as well as not so famous dogs owned by celebrities. Maybe next time we'll introduce others :).

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