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Cats in Children Stories

Every proper cat lover is not just fine with having one cat companion at home. Some people collect cat figures, others fancy books about cats and some may like watching cat films. Do you like it, too? If you do, you might get some inspiration here.

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A New Trend in the Pet World – Dog Rentals

In today’s hectic world, many people don’t dare to get a dog because of the financial burden it presents and the time it consumes. Others can’t have a dog because of their health issues. Nevertheless, they have an opportunity to spend some time with a dog thanks to dog rentals these days. In the Czech Republic, some shelters offer this.

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Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: The Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair cats are very similar to Siamese cats in terms of their appearance as well as character. These elegant cats are suitable for extroverts who are looking for a companion at all times. This is because you will always know about their presence and they will definitely let you know if they feel a lack of attention.