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How Dogs Sniff Cancer

Did you know dogs can diagnose cancer at its earliest stage even before any devices can? It has a great potential as it could lead to new non-invasive and cheap methods to reveal the disease.

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Cats and Reflexology

Do you know this natural therapy method which you can not only enjoy yourself but also order it for your cat? Do you wonder what it is and what it might be good for?

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How a Dog Becomes a Therapist

Have you ever asked this question? Were you just curious or were you considering your dog companion could do it? In this article, you will learn basic information – what nature the dog needs to have, what it has to handle and how to start with Canis therapy.

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Portraits of Popular Breeds at Home and Abroad: Russkiy Toy

This cute miniature dog is nice and joyful. It is quite a new breed and it has only started becoming popular. However, it has everything one can expect from a sociable dog, its appearance is unusual, and the bonus of its size is that it doesn’t need much space. It will become a popular dog among many breeders I suppose.