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Why do cats wag their tails?

Have you ever watched your cat and asked yourself what it might be thinking? It sometimes seems that these furry friends enjoy situations in which you don’t know if they love your or want to claw your eyes out. They only sit and watch you from a distance. But sometimes, they can’t keep their poker face and let these emotions go out or they show them on purpose.

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A dog and a rodent under one roof

Are you considering getting a rodent as your new pet but you are afraid it won’t be doing good with your dog under one roof? Don’t be afraid, dogs and rodents can do great together. It is important to teach your dog from an early age that other animals are not an inconvenience. Then, it is not important if you had your dog as the first or second animal in your family.

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Choosing the right pet for your child

Who didn’t want an animal companion as a child? Keeping pets can be valuable experience for children. An animal companion also brings a lot of joy to the household. But taking care of a pet also brings many duties and responsibility. How to choose right then?